Little Miss Perfect

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Little Miss Perfect

Shoni Moore had it all. Beautiful home, luxury car, handsome fianc’ , and a great career. To top it all off she had a body that would make Beyonce jealous with A Kim Kardashian ass. Hazel eyes and long black ringlets that /hung/">hung to the middle of her back. She’s my /sister/">sister’s /friend/best-friend/">best friend and I couldn’t stand her, which she is very aware of. So I couldn’t understand why she had came over to my apartment unannounced and barged in, crying about how she caught her fianc’ in bed with another woman.

’Oh Coco, what am I going to do?’ She wailed. ’well I don’t know what your gonna do but what you should’ve done was kick his ass and the little tramp.’ I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen to pour us a glass of wine. Shoni followed behind me still crying.

’I’m not like you Coco, I’m not /ghetto/">ghetto and don’t conduct myself in such a manner.’ Even though she was an emotional wreck, Shoni still had the nerve to be all stuck up and self-righteous! ’be that as it may Shoni, any woman with a backbone would have done the same thing.’ I said And picked up the glass I poured and walked back into the living room and returned to the couch. Shoni grabbed the whole wine bottle and sat on the loveseat. I grabbed my phone off the coffee table to call my sister to come get her friend because this chi was really working my nerves. Plus I had a date that I needed to get ready for. ’Great,’ I thought, it went straight to voicemail. I asked Shoni where was my sister and has she tried calling her. She jus waved me off saying that she’d been working late and would be here when she could. So about half an hour later there was still no sign of my sister. I watched Shoni as she poured the last of the wine into her glass. I have listened to little miss perfect long enough.

’Look Shoni I really feel for you and all but, I have a date that will be here in an hour and I really should start getting ready for it so if you-’

’Oh, so one of your little fuck buddies is more important than me and what I’m going through right now!’ Shoni snapped at me. That was it, I have had enough of this /bitch/">bitch. ’look Shoni I don’t know who the hell you think you are coming into my house talking to me like that, but I’m not having it!’ I retorted. ’Maybe if your ass wasn’t such a stuck up prude he might not been screwing around with someone else in your bed!’

’I’m no prude,’ She responded defensively. I laughed bitterly to blowjob porn videos myself. ’humph we’ll just see about that.’ I said and jumped up off the couch and walked over to her. Shoni quickly stood up stumbling back a bit, preparing for a fight. I got right in her face and leaned forward twirling a lock of her hair in my hand. I slowly slid my hand down her face caressing her face. ’so your no prude you say little miss perfect, care to prove it?’ I asked her smiling wickedly. ’knock it off Coco, just because I don’t screw every Joe that crosses my path like you do, doesn’t make me a prude.’ Shoni said knocking my hand away and clumsily sitting back down. Laughing at her I straddled myself in her lap forcefully grabbing a handful of her curls and pulling her into a kiss. She tried to resist so I pinned both her hands to the couch. I stuck my tongue in her ear and licked on her neck.

She slightly shuddered relaxing a bit more. Then I ripped open her blouse, revealing her black lace bra removing her firm 36 C breast. I placed my lips around one of her nipples flicking my tongue over them. ’w-what the fuck Coco. This isn’t ri-’ I cut her off pressing my juicy lips against hers. I licked and kissed her all the way down from her lips to navel, dropping to my knees. I unfastened her pants a slid them off, with her help. I watched in amazement as she willingly parted her legs. Biting my bottom lip in anticipation I pushed her matching black lace panties to one side kissing her other lips.

I stuck a finger into her tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and pulled it out placing the finger in my mouth getting a taste of her juices. Satisfied I plunged my tongue into her and attacked her pussy. I took slow deliberate licks taking her clit a nipping at it with my lips. Shoni moaned desperately trying to tear one side of her panties so that I could have fully access to her caramel cunt. Stopping momentarily to assist her with her, I quickly slid them off and resumed my position. I pushed my face deep in her vagina swirling my tongue around like a tornado. ’Mmmmmph Coco,’ Shoni moaned pushing my face further in. I placed too fingers in her still sucking on her /clit/large-clit/">large clit. ’Mmmmore.’

She said and I placed a third finger inside her. She slightly lifted her ass off the couch, grinding her hips back and fourth. I added another finger, plunging them deeper up in her. Shoni tossed her head back as her legs began to quiver. ’Oh oh oh shit I’m bout to’I’m bout to cum!’ she shouted as she squirted all over my fingers and face. I kept right on licking until it stopped. Shoni slid off the couch and onto the floor with a satisfied smile spread across her lips. I milf porn videos leaned over her and kissed her passionately. Shoni surprised me by pinning me down on the floor. ’Take these off, hurry up.’ She commanded pointing to my boy shorts. I quickly obliged.

She took one of my legs and threw them over my shoulders. Sticking her long tongue out and licking me from my ass to my clit. She covered my vagina with her mouth. ’Your name suits you well.’ Shoni told me as she continued to eat me out. We switched to 69 position and gave each other multiple orgasms. Both exhausted and giggling like school girls we laid on the floor cuddling.

’Well you’ve proven me wrong,’ I said. She smiled at me massaging my nipples. ’Like I said before, I’m no prude. The woman that I caught my husband in bed with was my lover.’