The Idea 8

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The Idea 8

The Idea 8. : How it all began.

It all started with a /crazy/">crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said ?the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars? to which I replied ?No? The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies?

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said ?could we!? So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for /fantasy/">fantasy to /reality/">reality. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger?s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty?s sake.

At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you maybe wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modeling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T. X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussyshot photographics.


Grandmothers are active too.

Agatha Clarke, was 79 years old a silver haired lady with a still trim figure. We were a little taken aback when she contacted the company. In fact I foolish reminded her exactly what we did. She responded by telling me in no uncertain terms that just because there is snow on the roof, it doesn?t mean the fire has gone out.

I apologized profusely and explained that it came as a shock for a woman of senior years to want a fantasy filmed. I arranged to meet her and discuss her wants. I must confess that all the way to her home, I was searching my brain to remember an old gent who could participate in her fantasy. But I soon learned my lesson never to prejudge client?s desires.

Agatha turned out be a warm cheery person, who admitted that she almost did not make the call to me. I assured her that I would do my best to accommodate her requests. She told me about herself firstly, how as a widower for 11 years she had come to realize that she missed the real life sex, as she put it. Mechanical /toys/">toys are fine but there is nothing like a good /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock to set the pulses racing. Eh! She joked. Besides a real bloke you don?t have to worry about the batteries failing at the most crucial time. Again she laughed.

I was really beginning to warm to this woman and must admit I did feel a little sorry for her, after she opened my eyes to the plight of the senior woman or man for that matter. I never thought an O.A.P. would have a sex life let alone harbor designs of a fantasy. What?s that old Irish saying, ?may you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live??

Again I must confess; her request left me pondering, where could I find a man like she described. Eventually it all sorted it?s self out. (Obviously or I would not have this tale to relate).

On the day of the filming I arrived at her house with John, a 19 year old Security officer, no I was not in danger and therefore in need of a body guard. It was like this, someone joked to me about someone they worked with being really weird, saying he liked old woman the older the better. I approached John discreetly and asked him if the rumors I had heard were correct. Red faced he admitted they were. So I put the proposition to him that he could earn himself £50 expenses if he agreed to be filmed making love to a 79 year old woman. Hesitantly he agreed on one condition the money was up front because his wife was expecting and he needed a few things.

His explanation seemed plausible so I gave him the money. Hence he was now with me to do his part in the filming. Also with me was the assistant film camera man. He was to try his hand at the close up shots with a view to getting more part time work.

We entered the house, where I made all the indian santali xvideo introductions. Agatha led Tony, the Cameraman to set up in the bedroom, whilst John and I went into the Kitchen to find Agatha had laid out some cakes and a fresh pot of tea. John said ?She is a little cracker, you sure she is 79 years old?

?I never asked for her birth certificate or anything like that!? I joked. 

Soon Agatha and Tony joined us in the kitchen where Agatha played mum pouring out three cups of tea. It brought back memories for me of visiting an elderly aunt and they way they fuss around you in that old world charm way. I informed everyone it was time to make a start.

Agatha asked to be allowed to warm up first, with a twinkle in her eye she said ?I would like to be filmed playing with my toy and have John here suddenly enter the room and ravish me? John nodded.

With that Agatha and Tony left us, I asked john if he was ok with this and he eagerly answered yes. As we were killing time, I asked John about his wife at home. ?Does she know you?re here doing this?? I asked.

?OH no, she would kill me if she found out. She thinks I?m a pervert as it is!? he replied.

?And how old is your wife then?? I enquired.

?18 years old, we married two months ago because I got her /pregnant/">pregnant? he answered.

?She is right, you are a pervert!? I quipped laughing.

?By the way John, just so you are aware, any arrangements you make with Agatha for after tonight is strictly down to you and nothing to do with my company, your contract is for this one night and that?s it? I informed him.

?What you mean if I get paid to come back here again, I would not have to give you a commission?? he asked.

?No, you keep the lot!? I replied.

Tony called from upstairs to tell us they were ready. I suppose out of curiosity as much as out of protecting my company image I escorted John upstairs. He opened the bedroom door stepped inside only to re emerge seconds later. ?I can?t do it!? he cried.

I pulled him off to another room and told him ?Yes you can you like old women, you told me so yourself!? ?Now get in there and perform?

?I can?t, I am sorry Ray, but I can?t do it? he wailed.

?Calm down, why can?t you do it?? I asked.

?Have you seen it, it needs ironing!? he blurted.

?Of course it needs ironing; she is 79 years old for fuck sake.? ?How many old women have you been with?? I asked.

He looked down at the floor and said ?None?

?You Fucking wanker!? I called him. ?You?ve taken my money now fuck off in their and do what you have been paid to do!? I demanded. ?If you don?t you will have to explain to your wife why you?re being sued for breach of contract? I added

Reluctantly he opened the bedroom door and walked slowly across the landing, before opening the bedroom door where Agatha was waiting. I followed him in and blocked off any means of escape.

Without much more delay, he stripped off and joined Agatha on the bed. She suddenly opened her eyes and said ?OH John, what ever will you think of your grandma, lying her playing with herself!? ?John, you /naughty/naughty-boy/">naughty boy you are naked as I am? she added.

John replied ?Yes, Nan, but seeing you like that and doing that made me want to join you?

?My, John, what a big strong cock you have? she cooed. ?Is it hard just because of me?? she added.

?Oh yes, Nan, it got like this when I saw your tits and you reaming your pussy with your toy? John replied.

?You can touch me, if you want John?? Agatha said.

?OH yes please!? John responded.

He placed his hand gently on her tit and began to pinch her nipple, she instantly moaned. ?It?s been so long since someone felt my breast like that, John!? Agatha stated, truthfully I think.

?I want to do much more than just touch it, Nan? John said. Now getting into his role.

?OH yes, John, I want so much more too? Agatha cooed.

John lowered his head and began tracing small circles around her breast, circles ever decreasing until he finally tasted her nipple. Agatha was in seventh heaven as she held her breast up to his ministrations.

John?s right hand trailed lightly over her stomach and down between her legs where he found the vibrator still buried in her cunt. He turned the humming noise up and began thrusting it in and out of her open soaking cunt. As he did so, he made sure his finger made contact with her clit, bringing even more delighted moans from Agatha.

?John, would you like to fuck me now?? Agatha panted.

?Soon, Nan, real soon, but first I want to feel you cum over your toy and my hand. Then I will sink my hard cock into you? John mumbled through the nipple tightly wrapped between his lips.

?OH, John, you say the nicest things. Take your time and /cunt/cunt-fuck/fuck-my-cunt/">fuck my cunt, my arse or my mouth, my body is yours to do as you wish? Agatha groaned.

Suddenly Agatha thrust her hips up involuntarily as her orgasm swept through her frail body. ?Agh John, you naughty boy, you have just made your Grandma cum and wet the sheets!? she grunted.

John raised his head, removed the Vibrator, turning it off as he did so and then slowly and deliberately he popped it into his mouth and sucked. Agatha?s eyes opened wide at this and she said ?Does Nana taste nice, son??

John responded with sucking noises as he tried to get all the juice off her vibrator before replying ?The best, Nan!? 

He then parted her legs, before climbing between them and slowly, gently began to force his cock into her soaking cunt. Instinctively Agatha brought her arms up to his shoulders and groaned ?Slowly, Son, it?s been several years since I have had something this size up my tired old cunt!?

?Sorry Gran? ?I?ll take it easy? john replied.

For then next twenty minutes John inserted his cock into her cunt, stopping regularly till her cunt accommodated his length. Then he began fucking her in earnest. Agatha went through several orgasms before John finally announced her was about to cum.

?Fill my slutty cunt full of your powerful seeds, John? Agatha wailed.

?Here it comes, Nan, here comes my man seed!? John grunted.

They both then collapsed in a sweating pile. John with out thinking planted an open mouth kiss on Agatha?s lips, which she returned alain lyle porn with vigor. ?Oh, thank you, Nan!? John eventually blurted.

?No, thank you, John? was Agatha?s reply.

As they lay there, bathed in the afterglow of their heated passions, John turned to me and mouthed ?Thanks?.

Thirty minutes later, Agatha dressed in a dressing gown was pouring out four cups of tea, in the kitchen bathed in what can only be described as the Radiance of a well fucked woman. She was back in her old world charm taking care of her visitors in a way only the senior citizens seem to appreciate.

John took me outside into the hallway and said ?Sorry about earlier, I think it was just nerves?

?Don?t worry John, you came through in the end, or should that have been cum through? I quipped. I heard John and Agatha talking about another date; Agatha turned to me and asked ?How much will I pay for John to visit me in the future?

?John?s contract for tonight was just that for tonight, same as your contract for the filming ends when we deliver your finished DVD. So any arrangements you two make outside of that are nothing to do with the company!? I stated.

Agatha came over to me and kissed me on the lips, before saying ?You?re an angel!?

As we were driving back to drop John off, he said ?that was wicked, it had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck my Gran but I never got the chance!?

With the DVD completed and invoice in my hand, I was stood ten days later knocking on Agatha?s front door. I was surprised when John answered. He led me into the front room where Agatha and another younger lady were sitting. The younger lady was heavily pregnant, so I assumed this was John?s wife. I looked at John who smiled and said ?I leveled with Trish, about where the £50 came from and what I had to do to earn it. She insisted on coming to meet Agatha. Agatha agreed to the meet and we have just decided to move in here and live with Agatha.? 

Trish said ?Agatha has arranged to take care of everything to do with the baby and the arrangement is that I have John four days a week and Agatha has him in her bed three days a week?

Agatha just sat there grinning like the cat that got the cream. She then stood up and walked me through to the kitchen, my late husband left me well covered she said and they need some security around them as they start their family.

I handed her the invoice and she wrote out the cheque. I glanced at the cheque and said ?you have made a mistake, the invoice was for £450.00 and you have just wrote the cheque for £1,000?

?No mistake, with out your company bringing me and John together, I would not now have an extended family, it is well worth the extra as a bonus for you? she said and with that she kissed me, not just a gentle kiss but full on and full of new found passion and excitement.