Shower Boy123

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Shower Boy123

First of all you are probably asking what a shower boy is. Well this job was created to help the varsity guys, on football have a nice locker room. So this post would be awarded to thequarterbacks room mate. He usually works before games. This mans name this year was Jon. He was definatelty not the football type. He had a very slim body, almost no muscle and a very weak body structure. This time it was a very important game for the home team and he was a little late getting there. The players started to arrive before he did and he got there to clean up the showers right when the lead man of the team, not thequarterback, entered the room. He was waring some type of shorts. He walked over to his locker and and opened the combination. Jon sort of glanced at him as he took of his shirt. He had a perfectly muscled body. Jon felt is cock becoming stiff in his shorts. The foot ball player then removed his shorts revealing that he had not put any on. Suddenly Jon's cock sprang up and he wasembarrassed and turned the the other side of the locker room to clean floors. He edged over the corner seeing the player sort of playing with his dick. He wanted to go over there to get a closer look but the player strapped all of his pads on and left. He just stuck around cleaning. 

The team won the game and was very happy. They were going to the state championship. The entire xnxxv sunny leone video team headed into the locker room when this one guy, some very large and muscler guy should I add, came up to some other guy and told him something about the shower guy. Well i justcouldn't resist and tried to hear what they were say. I tripped over my self and made a complete fool of my self. Suddenly one of the big players came up to me and said
"You know we just thought of something the "SHOWER BOY" could do for us" Jon just put a smirk on his face and and entered the shower where they had leaded him to. Suddenly the player pulled down his pants, took off his shirt and stoodin front of Jon. Jon resisted to look down when the man, no longer player buy the size of his dick, gave him a brush and told jon to wash him. John started by washing his arms. He started to get close when the playgrabbed him by the back and said to him "clean a little closer!". He started to lean in and really started to wash those arms. Suddenly his face was forced to lick them and the player said. "drop the brush and clean me by your tongue". Jon was really thrilled but to hide his emotion he just saidalights. He started by licking his arms. Then one by one his nipples, the area around it, each of his 6 abs. Then he went south and started to clean the area around his humongous 11 inch dick. then the player said "you forgot one spot" He shoved my face into his dick and he told me to clean it. Jon started to lick it, pull back the skin and started to suck it. The player was telling him "harder, suck more! Jon was working his hardest at the dick and now he could feel it throbbing. Every play heard these remarks and surrounded him in the shower, all watching him as if he was a fish in a aquarium. They all erected there dicks in the air and Jon had enough. Through is jeans he opened up the zipper and his 6 inch dick popped out. Then the play suddenly shot his load into jons mouth and he began to chock the other players played with jons dick sticking out of the pants. Hitting it. Bringing their own dicks to it and what they called : with it". As soon as this was oversomebody got a call from one of the spectators that the coach was heading there way. Everyone pressomed normal showering position. Not everyone resisted with playing with the other players dicks. then they all got dressedquickly and left before the coach arrived. Jon was still there though. 

He entered the locker room and saw Jon in the showers sweeping up the excess water and then Jo noticed. He quickly picked up the brush, from the player, and all of the other materials, and left quickly. However he put away his tools anddidn't go very far. He heard the coach speaking to himself and heard him taking off his pants and shirt. The coach was in his early 30's.Muscular and apparently, from a rumor, had a 12 inch dick, fully erect. He got back his tools as he heard the water come on. and entered the room. He had a remeberernce face on that he forgot to clean a section in the shower and entered the communal shower without the thought of the coach in it, or so he acted it. The coach turned around and then neglected him. Jon became fully erect again and he told the sir that he was asked to clean a player. Before he got into the sexy details he told jon, please do the same fro me i feel tired. I coached a winning game. So he got the sponge and began to clean the coach. Then he got down to the cock, which was actually 9 inches limp. When he got around it it erected into a 12 inch cock. it looked as if it was going to explode. Thenether coach yelled. "the is an order get that sucker into your mouth and suck it hard" He did exactly that. Sucking it so hard the 12inch meat was real forced anal against her will so large that Jon started making nastycomments about it. Then the coach exploded about a 9 times larger load of cum then the player had. The coach said to him, turn around and let me put my monster into your butt. "My wife left me 18 years ago and i have never had an since" Then the 12 inches of fresh meat started to enter Jons body. At about 3 inches down the coach remarked that it was full. Jon started screaming and told him to puch it further. 5 minutes later the entire 12 inch dick was submerged in the butt of Jon. Jon was gasping for air as the coach started hiss rythem. He began to to go extremely fast. He must have been pumping 80 times in every minute. Jon suddenly collapsed but the coachdidn't notice. The coach finally noticed and brought him back to "life with one gigantic thrust of his dick. Then the hot football player that Jon had seen earlier entered the room and saw the two in the shower. He looked strangely and thennoticed it was Jon. Then he took off his cloths and shoved his dick into my moth and John acted as a connecting rod to their dicks. Joncouldn't feel the muscular dick as the pain persisted from the rear. the player said "soshower boy seems that you got into the shower finally" "Come on i can command you" Suddenly both shot their loads and released from both sides. They dressed and left. the shower boy still left in the center of the shower. Now he always arrives a little later and each time another player gets the legendary Jon "shower boy" cleaning. Not to say theroommate, the quarterback who gets double of the action. During the game and during the night. 

Hope you enjoyed the story. Any characters represented in this are not true. This is my first story, how was it?