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. . . There were long cocks; short cocks . . . fat cocks and skinny cocks. Some were straight as an arrow while others were bent or curved; one was so pronounced that you might have even called it ?hooked?. They came in more than one color and many varying shades. There was a delectable assortment of clipped rods, each with its own distinct character as far as size and shape as far as knobs; and there was an equally varied array of penises that I choose to refer to as ?au naturel? with foreskins galore to suit any taste. The one thing that all of these cocks had in common was that they were ALL mine! . . .

I?d never been involved in a threesome before, and technically, I suppose I still haven?t. In my mind there are a number of differences between what I experienced in this story and what I would consider a traditional threesome and it goes much deeper than just the number of people involved.

My involvement of what would be the ultimate experience for many Gay men was something that I just happened to fall into. It was a matter of pure luck that resulted from being in the right place at the right time. The time was several months ago and the place was on the internet; in a chat room to be more precise. I?d been conversing with Scott (among other things that we did together in that chat room) for quite a few months. He was a senior at a large University in a major metropolitan area in the Northeastern quadrant of the United States. Scott had actually been in his junior year when we first met online and began a longstanding online ?relationship?. One of the things that I immediately found very intriguing about Scott was the fact that he self identified as ?straight?. Although I don?t personally place a great deal of importance upon labels that attempt to identify someone?s sexual nature, I?ve always been extremely interested in people who don?t seem to fit the more classic definition of ?Straight? or ?Gay? as most people would think of someone described in theses terms.

You will find a large number of men who will identify themselves as ?Straight? in almost any site that caters to chat rooms and story sites dedicated primarily to Gay and/or Bisexual individuals. I really couldn?t care less if a man chooses to think of himself as Gay, Straight, or one of many shades in between, just as long as he is honest with himself as well as with others. I understand that being with a Straight man is a huge turn on for a lot of Gay males, and I sort of understand that even though I don?t fully agree with it or identify with people like that. For me, it doesn?t make a man more interesting, sexy or desirable if he is straight. I don?t particularly agree with a value system that would lead Gay men value straight men as sexual partners over other Gay men; and I worry that such thinking might have a slightly self destructive nature behind such thinking. For me, the thought of being with someone like Scott involves the idea being the first man to experience sexual acts with him, or more correctly, being the first man with whom he has his first male to male sexual encounter. I do not look exclusively for men who have never experienced sexual relations with another man before. As a matter of fact, I don?t seek them out at all. I am perfectly content to engage in relationships with other Gay men who are willing and Proud to admit that they are Gay, but when I happen to stumble upon a man who expresses an interest in having sex with another man for the first time, it is that aspect of his sexuality, the fact that he is ?virgin territory? that peaks my interest and it doesn?t matter to me whether that man is straight, Gay, or somewhere in between.

Sexual definitions or labels can be so nebulous. It ranges wildly from one person to another and I don?t know if there has ever been any real consensus at all other than those who are familiar with the Kinsey scale. I some times feel this inner grin come over me when someone in a chat room refers to himself as straight when his actions or his interests severely strain what I would consider a fair description of that word in the context of one?s sexual orientation. Personally, I would have had no problem at all accepting Scott?s claim to being straight, although he was always clearly ?Bi-Curious? in my book from the very first time we chatted online. If I had to be pinned down for a definition of who is and isn?t straight, I would defer to Kinsey and say that my belief is that a truly straight man would have no more interest or desire in another man, sexually speaking, than a Gay man would have in sexual relations with a female. I?m proud to say that I am an example of the latter. In my way of thinking, anyone who shows any interest in the idea of having sex with members of both genders is probably more accurately described as ?Bi-sexual? and I am willing to accept that there is a wide range of variance when it comes to Bisexuality according to the degree of interest in sex with members of the same gender. I?m also flexible enough to allow others to have a less rigid and less clinical definition of their own sexual role and even buy into definitions that aren?t strictly in agreement with how I would define these terms for myself. In a nut shell, the fact that Scott had never engaged in sex with another man before (neither oral nor /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex as either a top or a bottom) makes it perfectly acceptable to identify himself as straight although his interest in the idea of sex with another male might make him more accurately identifiable as ?straight but bi-curious?.

Scott and I had shared our sexual fantasies in the chat rooms on many occasions (I?m not sure if the term ?cyber sex? is still in vogue or not, but that is what we did) but I don?t believe that crosses any lines that would make him no longer straight as if that label has any real importance (although I understand that labels can be very important to some people for some reason that escapes me). Also, the fact that Scott had ?experimented? with some antics that many ?homophobe types? would vehemently describe as ?purely Gay? didn?t preclude him from being thought of as straight to my way of thinking, although as I said before, I would add the caveat that he is ?Bi-Curious? just to more accurately identify his sexual interests.

As a senior, Scott was a member of a committee that was responsible for identifying new Pledges and establishing a program that would lead to their becoming members of the Fraternity that he was an active member of. By then Scott had already shared with me some of the memories he had of his own initiation into his Fraternity. It was the memories of those experiences that had really initiated Scott?s interest into the possibility of having sex with other men for the first time. I had admitted my healthy skepticism about some of the things you read about or see in some of the Gay videos about the ?homoerotic? events that allegedly take place during such rites of passage. Scott confided in me that his hazing/initiation several years before we first began communicating had involved some light forms of this homoerotic behavior. Apparently he and his fellow pledges had spent a considerable amount of time running around the Frat House in nothing but their underwear; they had been paddled wearing their underwear and in the end bare assed naked; they had been required to simulate sex acts with other pledges or to simulate giving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex to members of the Frat; and during the final phases of his initiation he admitted to having engaged in a large ?circle jerk? with the other pledges who were now among his Frat Brothers. For what it was worth, I assured him that I did not find any of those activities (especially under those special circumstances) nor his interest in the possibility of some other activities that would be considered more ?hard core? to be disqualifying of his claim to be straight. I always got the impression that Scott was relieved to find that I didn?t consider him to be Gay or even necessarily Bi-sexual for any of the things he had actually done or for the /virtual/virtual-sex/">virtual sex acts that we had shared during our online discussions.

Well, during the planning for the program that would initiate a new batch of pledges into white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie Scott?s college Fraternity he shared many of his ideas with me and kept me abreast of what was being planned. Scott was adamant that all of those things he had been required to do as a pledge, the nakedness or near nakedness; the simulated sex acts with others and even the group circle jerk should be continued with the newest pledges as part of their hazing/initiation should be repeated with the latest group who hoped to become members of that prestigious Fraternity. He had also floated some ideas by me that included requiring the pledges to go beyond anything Scott had done as a young freshman. I told him that I highly doubted that such things ever really happened during Fraternity initiations and questioned whether he wanted to be responsible for trying to initiate such activities even if they did occasionally happen during some initiations. Over time, Scott had managed to overcome some considerable resistance among others on his committee and much to my astonishment reached a tentative agreement to require their pledges to demonstrate their obedience; prove the depth of their desire to become members of the Frat; and to go above and beyond in a measure that was meant to bond that group of young men who would always show loyalty to one another and to the Frat by engaging in oral sex during their hazing/initiation rituals. That agreement was very tentative and relied upon Scott being able to find someone who would be willing to suck the cocks of their group of Pledges. Even though ideas and attitudes of today?s younger generation seems to have changed a great deal from when I was college aged myself, the majority of the committee was standing fast that they could not require any pledge to actually perform fellatio upon another Pledge or member of the Frat, however in their convoluted minds it would be different for them to make those young men submit to having their peckers sucked by some willing participant as part of the requirement for their initiation. One of the catches to the plan was that Scott had to find someone willing to suck all of those cocks, and he had to locate this willing participant without advertising in such a way that would bring undue attention upon the Fraternity who was concerned about discretion if not absolute secrecy when it came to this aspect of their initiation plans.

For anyone not smart enough to have already figured it out, Scott wanted me to be that willing participant, and that is the basis for this story!

Believe it or not, I was more than a little hesitant to jump at that opportunity. As I?ve said, I hadn?t even participated in a threeway before. I was more than a little concerned about the fact that there was a considerable age difference between Scott and me which meant the age disparity between the pledges and I would be even greater. Most of all; unlike in my carefree younger days, I was no longer interested in just the casual, one night, anonymous sex acts with strangers routine. What I was really looking for was that committed one on one relationship with someone very special. I may have been involved with Scott for many months in a ?virtual sexual relationship? that spanned nearly a thousand miles through the miracle of cyber space but there was a huge difference (at least in my mind) between something stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv like that and the sort of real life debauchery that he was suggesting.

One other major stumbling block for me was that I have always been very discriminating. Even during my sluttier days, I was a slut with a clear idea of what I liked and who I did and did not want. Sometimes that discriminating nature which I admit may heave been a bit more ?discriminating? than was justified by someone like me, prevented by social life from being a lot more active than it already had been at times but I wasn?t the kind of guy to suck just any ol? cock or bend over and grab my ankles for any Tom, Dick, or Harry who came along. I?d always gone after guys that I was interested in or accepted the advances and propositions from guys that met my standards and turned me on. I explained to Scott that I wasn?t sure I could perform with just anyone, even if I had been interested in accepting his rather lewd proposal and suggested that maybe I wasn?t the man he needed for that particular job.

Now I have to admit that it was very intriguing for a man of my age (Don?t Ask because I definitely am NOT telling my exact age) to think about having a room full of college aged studs literally lining up to have sex with me. Scott knew me pretty well by then, and he pushed the right buttons, playing upon my interest in being the first to initiate curious young men into their first sexual experience with another man. As soon as he realized that he had me leaning the right way, Scott hit me with the other incentives he had to offer. For one thing he had been authorized to offer payment for my services (up to $500). Now, a threesome was not the only thing I had never been involved in before; I?d also never been a prostitute either, and it wasn?t something that I found to be especially appealing. On the other hand, I?d be lying if I refused to admit that not only servicing a virtual chorus line of hot college studs but being paid to do so was a bit of an ego trip. Eventually, I made a counter proposal to Scott that if I did agree to accept his offer, I would use the funds being offered to offset my transportation costs and that I would not accept a penny more than it would cost me to travel to and from the University from my home. Scott had informed me that he could also offer me free room and board during my visit for the initiation. What really peaked my interest in that was when Scott told me that I would be a guest in his room at the Frat House if I accepted and he was interested in finally experimenting with a little one on one sex with me to live out some of the shared fantasies we had been discussing online for many months. The final sticking point for me was knowing that I would have to suck any cock that was put in front of me by any pledge and knowing that I would not have the ability to say yes or no based on whether or not I found them to be sexually appealing. Scott assured me that his Frat was very discriminating to begin with and as a member of the committee which had screened that year?s batch of Pledges, he could assure me that it was an especially fine crop of youngsters that were mostly very attractive. Eventually, he managed to wear me down and we reached a firm agreement.

- - - - - - - - - -

That first night on campus, after meeting with the committee members and some of the other Frat members (I did not get a look at the Pledges at that time) Scott and I quietly retired to the privacy of his room ? but THAT is another story!