Hot Florida Nights Part I

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Hot Florida Nights Part I

Back in High School I though of myself as quite the player. I would never hook up with girls more then a year younger then me, and I would never go out with a slut. But in the end I was always getting my fair share of sex. A /girlfriend/">girlfriend was nothing I really ever wanted that much.

Even though I never had that many girlfriends me and my guy friends always had quite a few female friends. Most of them were very attractive with great bodies and nice curves. There was a lot of flirting and occasional touching between us, but they all had the occasional boyfriend like I had girlfriends. So, in the end nothing really ever happened.

But that never did stop me from /fantasy/">fantasy about these female friends of mine. It seemed like every time I went to go jerk off I would think about one of them, or two of them. I always imaged what it would be like to fuck these /women/hot-women/">hot women that I called friends. Making them scream out my name.

One of the girls in particular, Amanda, I would think about the most. Amanda was a knockout. She was a /brunette/">brunette, 5?8?, a nice sized C cup, about 129 pounds, great ass, and killer tanned legs. She wasn?t a virgin, but she had only a /couple/couple-sex/">couple sex partners. I had never heard any wild stories about her. Just some normal stuff, like doing some dancing at parties after getting wasted.

Our High School years ended very quickly, but me and about 20 of my friends all wanted to go on one more big trip before we all left for /college/">college. We all decided on driving down to Florida together for a week. In the end we all ended up taking about 5 cars so we had lots of ways to get down. Ten girls were going, and one of them was Amanda.

The entire way down there I could not wait to get there. All the girls had bought new bathing suits, and my cock was getting hard just thinking about what they would look like in them. Also, on our Spring Break trip many of us got extremely wild. So I was looking forward to that again.

After driving for 2 days we all finally got there. The time we spent during the week was mostly drinking, going out, sitting around on the beach, and for the guys trying to get as many girls as you can. Some of the girls that I thought were not very sexually aggressive ended up with a few guys when the week was all over.

The night that I remember the most was 2 days before we left. We all had gotten tremendously drunk, except for me. I had only a few drinks that night because I was the person for the evening that was suppose to look over everybody and make sure nobody drove at all, or do anything they would regret in the morning.

At about 4 in the morning after everybody had either gone asleep or passed out, I decided to take a dip in the pool, and just sit back and relax for a little while.

I had started working out all the back when I was a freshmen, and over the years I had gotten rather big for a teen. I stood about 6?2? and weigh in at around 205 pounds. Had I not started to work out I would have been a little skinny nothing, so I was pretty pleased with my body.

I slowly slid into the cold water. I went under right away, and came up. I worked my hands through my short hair so it was sitting back. I floated over to the right side of the pool, and sat n stretching my arms out on the sides.

I looked up at the stars in the sky and the full moon in front of me, and relaxed for one of the first times on the trip. I pry sat there for about 5 minutes just thinking about the trip, the years in High School, and the fun I had over the years. My mind continued to wander until I came on one of my favorite subjects: SEX.

I started thinking about one of the parties me and my friends went to where there was to very attractive drunk Hard Bodies going at it in front of everybody. Thinking about this made me very hard. Seeing what those girls could do, and thinking about getting into a three way with them got me to the point were I could not get my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock to go down without letting it explode.

I looked up and around the pool area. There was nobody around and even thought it was a full moon I doubt anybody could see me. And if they could, I didn?t care they can just watch me.

I slipped my suit of and put sexxxx video ful hd it on the pool side above my head. The sensation of the water against my naked /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls and ass felt great. My dick I thought was always immense. It was around 7.5 inches and was very thick with a big purple head on the end of it. I reached down into the water with my left hand and started rubbing the head of my cock. I moved my hot hand up and down my long shaft and stroking the head of it gently. I took my other hand and reached down to my balls where I started to play with them.

As I continued to play the fantasy in my head I heard something coming from the pool entrance door. It was the sound of laughter of a female. So I quickly stood up with my hard on pressing against my stomach, and threw on my suit and lay back down like I was doing nothing.

The pool door quickly opened up as Amanda came through. She was still slightly drunk, but seemed to know what she was doing. She then turned around and saw me as I laid there with my eyes closed pretending like I hadn?t noticed her yet.

?Hi Chris!? Amanda said to me as she walked over to the pool and set her towel down.

Walking over to the other side of the pool I saw that Amanda was wearing a /thong/">thong with her top. It left very little to the imagination from behind, and looked damn good. I looked at her tanned ass as she continued to walk by me. Her long bronzed legs were also a site you had to see in person. It was enough to keep my hard on from going down. She caught me looking at it as she walked towards the end of the pool?

?I hope you don?t mind Chris, but I was only the only person that was going to be out here this late at night.? Amanda tried to explain to me.

?No, it?s perfectly find with me.? I said with her with a half smile and a laugh.

?I thought it would be OK with you.? Amanda told me laughing about it.

Amanda slid into the pools water. I continued to sit there like the cool guy I though I was. Making it look like this was nothing to me.

She slowly slid into the water, and then moved her hair back with her hands.

I had always had been very touchy with Amanda. Mostly because I had a thing for brunettes. And with her being taller like me; me and her would make a good match together.

Amanda then floated up to me rather closely to where her /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits were only inches from touching my chest. Her hands were spread around me resting on the pool wall. She looked down at my pecks and the looked back up at me as I looked into her eyes.

I followed her eyes down to my southern parts. I kept looking at her face though. Amanda squinted her eyebrows quickly, and then looked back at me?

?What?? I asked her wondering what she found so weird.

She didn?t answer me. I then looked down at my crotch to see what her fixation was. The head of my cock was sticking out just enough to wear it was noticeable.

?I didn?t know I made you that excited Chris.? Amanda softly whispered to me in a sexy voice. It was as if the words were just dripping out of her mouth.

I traced my eyes up her tight tanned stomach, and then taking a long look at her breast that were now carelessly pressing against my chest?

?That?s not all from you.? Answering back xxx sex video download free com to her. Letting her know I am more of a challenge then the other insignificant guys that just submitted to her Hard Body.

?I?m sure that I can make it all mine though.? Amanda told me. Letting me know she was Game.

We looked at each other for a few more seconds, and then she came in for a kiss. She wasted no time and went directly for the tongues. Her hot tongue moving around in my mouth was a fantastic feeling. Amanda now had her pelvis touching my hard shaft. I could feel her heat coming of it.

After a few kisses I reached down to take her thong of her. It looked so good tightly rapped above her hips and then the material getting smaller as it got lost through her ass only to come out in the front. It seemed like she had planned on wearing this thing, and just did not throw it on. Looking you could tell she had to do some prep work to look this good in it.

?Take your top off for me.? I told her. I couldn?t wait any longer to see her huge rack, as them pressing against me was not enough.

I traced my hands down her sides to her hips where I put my hands between the material and her soft skin. I slowly slid the thin fabric down the sides of her but, and then making sure my hands were rapped around her ass as I moved the thong downward. I moved it past her pussy and then let it slide of. Looking at her cunt she had a thin line of black hair tracing down to her slit. Amanda then took her left hand and reached around to her back. With one slow motion she untied her top. It was now freely hanging on her breast. Taking both her hands now she took the rest of it off above her head, setting it on the pool side. I looked down at her perfect sized tits right before me. Her nipples were hard from the cold water that would had been in. She moved her hands down to my suit, and quickly slid it of me pressing herself against my shaft.

?Well?? Amanda side to me with a smile

I then took a hold of her hips picking her up slightly; moving her towards the top of my cock. She took both of her legs and put them to the sides of me. I slowly let her down on my hard cock.

?Oooooo? She let out a slow cry of pleasure.

My cock quickly slid all the way into her hot opening. Her pink flesh was closely wrapped around my dick. She wrapped her hands around my shoulders, and pressed her tits against my chest as I did the same. She arched her back, as I continued to pump in and out of her.

?Ya?? Amanda let out slowly in rhythm with my dick going in and out of her

I continued to pick up speed with each motion in and out. Making sure each time I would take it completely out of her only to thrust it back in. Amanda came in to kiss me and suck on my bottom lip as my fucking of her continued. I began to get a little worn out from supporting her weight that long, but the feeling of her pussy was well worth it.

?Keep going?. Please don?t stop Chris? I?m almost there.? Amanda breathless said with her eyes closed.

I took a hold of her ass, moving it towards me each time I went in her.

?Yaaaaa?. Yaaaaa!? She said as her voice began to get louder.

Out of breath she let out? ?I?m going to cum Chris!"

The Second Part to cum soon?